Team Summary
Team Name:  Team 5: Wong Captain:  Yuen-Cheung Wong Co-Captain:  N/A
Facility:  N/A

Team Players - Click on a Player to view their Individual Player Record
NTRPPlayer NameNTRPPlayer NameNTRPPlayer Name
3.5Irene Eng3.5Shirley Brady3.5Melissa Chiotis
3.5Renee Seto3.5Jean Loui3.5Dorsey Montenecourt
3.5Katherine Lung3.5Irene Lum3.5Laura Adler
3.5Thalia Rich3.5Nicole Tavernier3.5Anna Leung
3.5melanie rebosa3.5Susan Fung3.5Anna Markova

Team Standings - Click on a Team Name to view the Team Summary
Team Name Team WinsTeam LossesInd. WinsInd. LossesSets LostGames Lost
METRO: Bailey/Qureshi7133719213
Team 1: Vogt/Kende62251537290
Team 5: Wong44211944332
Team 4: McConway/Danchik26132760395
Team 2: Cuthbert1783266407

Team Matches - Click on a Team or Match to view details
5/25/2011Team 1: Vogt/KendeLost 2-36/22/2011Team 1: Vogt/KendeLost 2-3
6/1/2011Team 2: CuthbertWon 5-07/5/2011Team 2: CuthbertWon 4-1
6/8/2011Team 4: McConway/DanchikWon 3-27/10/2011METRO: Bailey/QureshiLost 0-5
6/17/2011METRO: Bailey/QureshiLost 1-47/24/2011Team 4: McConway/DanchikWon 4-1

Championship Advancements - Click on a Championship to view results
This team did not advance to any 2011 Championships
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